Azon announces 2018 updates to North American and International Safety Data Sheets and Labeling

Since December 2015 and the implementation of the GHS mandate, Azon has aligned its compliance to GHS in labeling and hazard communications.

The GHS mandate—or Globally Harmonized System for Hazard Communication—requires chemical companies to communicate information about chemical materials and protective measures for handling them. Some of the U.S. regions require further information to appear on both the Safety Data Sheets and labels.
To streamline our labeling operations, our North American labels also contain California Proposition 65 and New Jersey RTK (Right to Know).
In addition to those requirements, Azon also serves customers located in the Americas who require French and Spanish languages.


The new 2018 Azon chemical tote and drum labels are designed in accordance with numerous international regulations and are BS5609 certified so the labels will withstand the harshest of environmental conditions.
Durable labels are a necessity, and companies must meet international regulations with both base materials and the ink.
The BS5609 British Standard for pressure-sensitive labels requires resistance to marine immersion (salt water), weathering (UV exposure), temperature cycling and abrasion. The BS5609 certification is similar to UL in that the label and the ink are BS5609 compliant.

Mandatory GHS elements on most labels and SDS include*:

  • Hazard Pictograms: There are nine pictograms with black and white images outlined in a red diamond to visually identify hazards. (*Not required on all Azon products)
  • Signal Words: Used to convey the level of severity of the hazardous chemical (either “Danger” or “Warning”) (*Not required on all Azon products)
  • Product Name or Identifiers
  • Hazard Statements: Assigned phrases in relation to hazard classes and hazard categories that detail the chemical’s hazards.
  • Precautionary Statements: Detailed measures assigned to hazard statements given to minimize or prevent the adverse effects from physical, health, or environmental hazards.
  • Manufacturer Information

Our company is committed to employee safety and we also appreciate and thank you for using Azon as your supplier.

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Tote label A with pictograms

Tote label B with pictograms