tom_marsala_clearviewToronto, Ontario – Clearview Industries is now an Approved Azo-Brader™ Applicator working closely with Azon to follow the processing guidelines for producing structural thermal barriers with a mechanical lock as applied in the Clearview patio door systems. Visit Clearview site

Tom Marsala, General Manager, Clearview Industries said we are pleased to join the Azon Approved Azo-Brader™ Applicator program. “We are convinced that a pour and debridge thermal barrier with an Azo-Brader mechanical lock is the best choice for our patio door systems.”

The key to qualifying as an approved applicator is the ongoing confirmation testing Azon performs to ensure proper application of the thermal barrier products. Participants in the Approved Azo-Brader Applicator program adhere to strict quality control procedures and testing to qualify for the Azon 10-year warranty of the thermal barrier polymer. In addition to the warranty, quality assurance practices, and AZO/Tec® design service analysis, Clearview receives certified training of Azo-Brader machine operations, as well as marketing support.

Caption: Tom Marsala, General Manager, Clearview Industries with new applicator certificate