Approved Azo-Brader™ and Lancer™Applicator ProgramsAzo-Brader

Participants in the Approved Azo-Brader™ and Lancer™ Applicator Programs are chemical customers who adhere to strict quality control procedures and testing to qualify for the Azon 10-year warranty against failure of the thermal barrier polymer due to dry shrinkage and fracturing. In addition to the warranty, quality assurance practices and design service analysis, program participants receive certified training of mechanical lock machine operations, as well as marketing support. The recommendations for both Azo-Brader and Lancer processing are shown below.


Cutting tool design program

To ensure a mechanical lock cutting tool properly surface conditions an extrusion cavity, the AZO/Tec® department is available to evaluate and recommend the proper extrusion cavity and cutting tool or lancing wheel match. To do so, customers must submit an AutoCAD extrusion drawing of their fenestration system to Azon customer support via e-mail. An AZO/Tec engineer will then evaluate the drawing and make a part recommendation to ensure that proper adhesion between the extrusion cavity and polymer is achieved. (For further details about the design services, refer to AZO/Tec®.)

The AZO/Tec® recommendations for both Azo-Brader and Lancer processing are shown below.

  • Azo-Brader™  abrasion specifications (PDF)  | Azo-Brader™  tooling  (PDF)
  • Lancer™  lancing specifications (PDF) | Lancer™  lancing application, tooling and tolerance (PDF) 

Azo-Brader abrasion specifications


Lancer™   lancing application in the extrusion cavity


Azo-Brader™  tooling


Lancer application and tooling