New high-performance design concept from the AZO/Tec® team



• Wider cavity—lower U-factor achievable in most fenestration products
• 10-year pass-through warranty
• Highest shear of all thermal barriers
• The Azon Lancer™ for producing a mechanical lock
• High temperature resistant polyurethane polymer
• AZO/Tec® total design assistance
• No fee licensee contract with simple qualifications
• Fully encapsulated mechanical lock in the curtain wall frame allows for
wider spans in the facade Learn more /  . . . . . .MLP™ curtain wall brochure


About MLP™

(mechanical lock profile)

The MLP™ (mechanical lock profile) is a structural cavity design that allows for increased thermal barrier cavity size for improving the energy efficiency of aluminum fenestration products. Intended for use in high performance building envelopes in the most demanding climates and conditions, the MLP™ integrates design and processing technology for superior thermal performance and shear strength over other architectural fenestration technologies.


The MLP™ fully encapsulated cavity design is stronger because the displaced metal—where the lanced indentations curve downward—provides more surfaces to mechanically lock and embed the polymer to the aluminium to create a strong, bonded composite.

Technical bulletin for producing MLP™ (PDF 290 KB)

Video (YouTube) interview at Greenbuild (Toronto) watch below:




The Azon Lancer™ is a mechanical device that works to prepare and condition the MLP™ thermal barrier pocket prior to the polyurethane polymer filling step. The Lancer™ works inline with pour and debridge processing machinery* and will accommodate many common open-top thermal barrier extrusion profiles and is the essential machine for producing the MLP™.  The Lancer also enhances the shear strength of the resulting polymer and aluminum composite.


Read more about the role of thermal barriers in saving energy.

Contact Azon to quickly assess MLP™ design criteria or any machinery requirement for producing.