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Program title: Optimizing performance in commercial fenestration

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Course description: Provides an overview of optimizing commercial fenestration with thermal barriers and high performance glazing in
aluminum window framing to maximize daylighting and thermal efficiencies in the building envelope. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss the sustainability, performance, and daylighting design benefits of optimized fenestration systems, including the life cycle of aluminum as a durable and recyclable frame material, and high performance glazing components to increase insulation in the overall window assembly
  • Describe the methods that measure heat transfer effects, condensation resistance, and ratings for the outdoor‒indoor sound transmission values in thermal barrier window products
  • Explain the role of thermal barriers, and compare the performance of polyurethane polymer pour and debridge systems with polyamide strip systems, and
  • Observe a range of applications of optimized, energy-efficient commercial fenestration in built project case studies.

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