Performance polyurethane polymers overview


The Azon performance polyurethane polymers have a broad range of application—from flexible foam—to solid cast elastomers used in recreation, food processing, automotive, mass finishing and construction.

With endless capabilities, our MDI-based products include a wide-range of abrasion-resistant polyurethane elastomers suitable for use in dynamic, high abrasion, food-grade handling and anti-static, anti-vibration applications.

Azon designs and manufactures special multi-component chemical metering, mixing and dispensing machines used in recreation, construction, agriculture, manufacturing, grouting and mass finishing.

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azomodel50_thmb Azo-Meter™ 50
metering, mixing and dispensing machinery



processing_thmb  Azo-Cure™ MDI  Prepolymer
processing properties (207 KB PDF)  



Azon At-A-Glance (651 KB PDF)

complete machinery, thermal barrier chemicals,  and service programs.

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