Fillameter™ and Bridgemill™ - for producing pour and debridge thermal barriers


The Azon Fillameter™ HMI with the Tornado III™ dynamic mixer, dispenses liquid two-component polyurethane polymers into the thermal barrier channel. Within minutes, the thermal core solidifies into a very strong, structural composite. Windows and doors produced with a mechanical lock and the structural polymer system according to the Azon E-Quality Audit™ procedures, as outlined in the warranty agreement and quality assurance guide, carry a ten-year warranty against polymer failure.

The Tornado III™ dynamic mixers on the Azon pouring machines ensure the two-component structural polymers are mixed properly to produce quality thermal barrier product (the air Tornado II™mixer type is used on standard, manual machinery).

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The Bridgemill™ is employed in the third and final step in the thermal barrier process—removal of the metal bridge from the bottom of the channel.
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Azon provides turnkey solutions to the extruder or window manufacturer with complete machinery, thermal barrier chemicals, quality control and service programs.