Lancer™ - mechanical lock


The Azon Lancer™ provides mechanical surface conditioning of the extrusion cavity to ensure proper adhesion to difficult finishes. Windows and doors produced with the Azon Lancer™, the structural polymer system and Azon E-Quality Audit™ procedures, as outlined in the warranty agreement and quality assurance guide, carry a ten-year warranty against polymer failure.

The Lancer™ works inline with pour and debridge processing machinery and will accommodate may common open-top thermal barrier extrusion profiles and is the essential machine type for producing the the MLP™ (mechanical lock profile).

More options for producing a mechanical lock:

The Azo-Brader™ will provides surface conditioning and insure proper adhesion to difficult finishes in most extrusion types, including hard-to-reach and complex shapes. Both mechanical devices enhance the shear strength of the resulting polymer and aluminum composite.
Azo-Brader™. . . more

Azon provides turnkey solutions to the extruder or window manufacturer with complete machinery, thermal barrier chemicals, quality control and service programs.

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