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A look into recent design work coming from the AZO/Tec® department at Azon reveals the new MLP™ (mechanical lock profile) for commercial window, door, storefront and curtain wall applications. MLP™ offers the best balance of energy efficiency and high strength for aluminum fenestration products used in the most demanding climates and conditions.

Despite the work involved, window manufacturers and material suppliers are constantly striving for more sustainable and high performing products. As a supplier and partner, we rise to the challenge by introducing technology that is truly groundbreaking. As the leading thermal barrier system for over 30 years, the Azon pour and debridge technology can be found in the most prominent buildings around the world.
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MLP™ total design system attributesmlp_aama_chart

• High temperature resistant polyurethane polymer

• Wider cavity-lower U-factor achievable in most fenestration products

• Concealed mechanical lock

• Highest shear of all thermal barriers

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