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 Intelligent Azon technologies: The role of thermal barriers in saving energyguide to energy saving technology

  • Thermal barriers for framing: Aluminum is recognized as a highly conductive metal—second only to copper in terms of thermal conductivity. The conductive tendency of aluminum requires a process to negate the flow of energy through the metal. Thermal barrier technology by Azon provides a solution that improves thermal performance while strengthening the structural and long-term durability of the fenestration unit.
  •   Guide to Azon energy-saving technology
  • Designing for efficiency: Azon offers assistance to customers with the technical design of structural and energy-efficient fenestration systems by not only providing thermal simulation studies, but also a range of design functions.
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Core servicesexticeb_thumb for manufacturers of thermal barrier fenestration

  • Technical field support
    Azon field service representatives provide technical support for customers during regularly scheduled plant visits to perform equipment quality audits.
  • Testing and quality assurance
    Azon employs quality control methods and testing procedures as outlined in the Azon Quality Assurance Guide.
  • Testing protocols
    In-plant quality control test procedures ensure the polymer chemicals are properly prepared. Quality testing on the polymer in plaque form and in extrusions further validates the composite meets AAMA and ASTM specifications.
  • Mechanical lock programs
    The Azo-Brader™ and Lancer™ processing, when combined with Azon E-quality Audit™ procedures and Azon structural thermal barrier polymer, carries a 10-year performance warranty.

Azon testing protocols

Azon testing protocols ensure the structural soundness
of the fenestration product.

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